Tribunal Case Management

Some matters cannot be settled between an employee and an employer resulting in an employee making a claim(s) to the Employment & Discrimination Tribunal (the “Tribunal”). Tribunal claims tend to take up a lot of management time and effort with their procedural requirements and claim complexity.

While the Tribunal does not require you to be legally represented, having an experienced representative on your side can be a vital step to maximise the chances of a successful outcome. We have the knowledge and the skills to prepare your case, lead its management and represent your business in the best possible way. No matter how complicated the circumstances, we will provide guidance and advice of the highest standard.

How can we help?

HR Jersey Limited can support you every step of the way if you receive a claim from the Employment & Discrimination Tribunal (the “Tribunal”). We will explain each step of the procedures to you so that you know what to expect and how to prepare.

To help you defend a Tribunal claim we will:

  • Prepare your documents
  • Liaise with the Tribunal on your behalf
  • Prepare witness statements and collate evidence
  • Attend and support conciliation / mediation
  • Prepare and exchange your documents
  • Represent you at the Tribunal
  • Support any settlement process and administration

Remember, the best defence is making sure that you have the right processes already in place to help prevent claims. HR Jersey Limited can help you with the design, creation and implementation of these processes.

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